Public safety photography is important but unfortunately a lot of departments and agencies do not have capable personnel to carry out this function. It is necessary to document the various procedures at fires, motor vehicle accidents and other incidents. Having a photographer on scene as soon as possible can assist in the investigation as the early photos can be invaluable.

Incident Response produces high quality multimedia content relating to public safety incidents. The photographer specializes in documenting fires, auto accidents, technical rescues, police situations and other incidents.

The mission of Incident Response is to promote public safety through photography while supporting the efforts of law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders.

Incident Response was established in January 2012 by Asher Heimermann after he captured pictures of several fires in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in the summer of 2011. Since 2012, Heimermann has been responding to incidents around the clock and capturing nearly 45,000 pictures and over 700 videos as of September 2019.

When he is not responding to emergencies, he is photographing public safety events, drills and vehicles across the United States.

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