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Any requests to obtain pictures, video footage, information, or audio for use outside of prior agreements can contact Incident Response to arrange licensing. The multimedia content of Incident Response and Wisconsin Public Safety are the result of the efforts of Asher Heimermann.

Incident Response is committed to providing comprehensive, original multimedia content relating to public safety. Asher Heimermann is on hand whenever major stories are breaking — sometimes at great risk to himself — and he is also relied on to cover news at a local level; for instance, his content was shared with The Sheboygan Daily for three years and currently, local television stations in Southeast Wisconsin.

This level of journalism is expensive. Incident Response, which is a not-for-profit service, invests hundreds of dollars every year in newsgathering, equipment and distribution. Revenue from licensing this content, across formats (including digital), is our main source of funding in addition to small donations received.

When a user licenses content from Incident Response, it obtains permission to use that content in a specific way.

If you would like to use Incident Response or Wisconsin Public Safety content, please
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a picture from the Incident Response Facebook Page?

Pictures posted on the Incident Response Facebook Page may be shared on your personal Facebook Profile by clicking “Share” under the picture. Pictures may also be shared to other Facebook Pages. You may not download pictures, remove the watermark and post it on Facebook or any other website.

Can my television station use pictures or video on-air and/or online?

Without a licensing agreement, no. Any pictures and video produced by Incident Response, Wisconsin Public Safety or Asher Heimermann are copyrighted and may not be used on-air or online without permission. Your station may embed a video from the Incident Response YouTube Channel on the station’s website and link a photo gallery on on the station’s website.

Can my department or agency use pictures or video?

If you are employed by a law enforcement agency, fire department or other public safety agency, call 1-866-333-7789 to obtain permission.