How is Incident Response funded?

Incident Response is an independent, not-for-profit media outlet created in 2012 as a public service. Incident Response receives no government funding; operations are funded largely by donations and licensing fees.

What does IRWI stand for?

Incident Response of Wisconsin.

What is the mission of Incident Response?

Documenting the operations of the brave law enforcement officers, firefighters and first responders in Sheboygan County and Southeasten Wisconsin.

Does the Incident Response Photographer wear a uniform?

Yes. The Incident Response Photographer always wears a clearly marked and visible Incident Response t-shirt or sweatshirt when responding to an incident. The photographer carries a media identification badge. In the winter months, the photographer will wear a high visibility jacket.

Is Incident Response a police or fire department?

No. Incident Response is an independent, not-for-profit media outlet and is not a police or fire department. The Incident Response Photographer is not associated with any law enforcement agency or fire department but maintains a good-working relationships with several departments.


How does the photographer respond to incidents so quickly?

In most cases, the Incident Response Photographer can respond to most incidents in the City of Sheboygan within three to five minutes. This is accomplished by having strategically placed routes throughout the city to assure the fastest response time possible. Response times are faster in southern Sheboygan County than northern parts of the county. The Incident Response Photographer is very familiar with the city layout and street numbers which also creates a faster response time.

Which incidents does the photographer respond to?

The Incident Response Photographer will respond to all fires and motor vehicle accidents in the City of Sheboygan, Village of Kohler, City of Sheboygan Falls, Town of Sheboygan Falls and the Town of Wilson. In addition, the photographer will respond to incidents relating to law enforcement such as shootings, stabbings, stand offs and investigations in Sheboygan County.

How is Incident Response dispatched to scenes?

The photographer will respond to incidents when they are dispatched out by the City of Sheboygan or Sheboygan County Dispatch Center to firefighters and police officers. Once dispatched, the Incident Response Photographer will respond directly to the scene to gather media relating to the incident.

What is the Incident Response CAD?

The Incident Response CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system tracks all incidents, details and mulitmedia relating to incidents that are photographed and filmed by the Incident Response Photographer. Each incident that is documented by Incident Response is assigned an incident number.

How come I saw Incident Response outside Sheboygan County?

The Incident Response Photographer may have been assigned to a department in that area or was covering an assignment. In rare cases, the photographer will respond to incidents in Manitowoc, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Ozaukee, Washington and Milwaukee counties based on the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS).

Where can I view photos and videos?

To view photos of incidents, events, apparatus and public safety agencies, visit To watch videos of incidents and special events, visit