The multimedia content of Incident Response and Wisconsin Public Safety are result of the efforts of Asher Heimermann.

Incident Response is committed to providing comprehensive, original multimedia content relating to public safety. Asher Heimermann is on hand whenever major stories are breaking — sometimes at great risk to himself—and he is also relied on to cover news at a local level; for instance, his content was shared with The Sheboygan Daily for three years and currently, local television stations in Southeast Wisconsin.

This level of journalism is expensive. Incident Response, which is a not-for-profit service, invests thousands of dollars every year in news gathering, equipment and distribution. Revenue from licensing this content, across formats (including digital), is our main source of funding in addition to small donations received.

When a user licenses content from Incident Response, it obtains permission to use that content in a specific way. When use is made of our content without authorization, it undermines Incident Response’s ability to support its operations. Asher Heimermann, like any other content creator, must protect his intellectual property rights against unauthorized exploitation. Protecting his work from misuse and illegal use is of primary importance and will result in legal action if such misuse occurs.

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